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About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Cory and I am a freelance graphic designer. I have been working in the design world since 2001. I have a BS in Graphic Design and have worked for various companies in the industry.

My experience includes:


•  I am now a Freelance Graphic Designer.  I have re-branded businesses, created brand

    identities and designed all marketing materials as needed for many clients/companies.

    I have clients across the States… I do business Nationwide!



  • Worked in a fast  paced Hotel Advertising Agency with strict deadlines.

  • Designed for a small design firm that specialized in Branding, Package Design and Interior Design. I had the opportunity to work on National Brands and with smaller local businesses as well.

  • I was the lead designer for 2 monthly publications for an advertisement company that ran the gamut in design. I worked on ad designs, logo and brochure designs, billboards, direct mail pieces and menus as well. We had strict deadlines and worked diligently with our sales reps to help our clients achieve a maximum response from their advertising.


Let's Create Something Together!

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